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Computer render of the Seachange hydrofoiling ferry
Computer render of the Seachange hydrofoiling ferry

Lead the Seachange

We're bringing comfortable, convenient, emissions-free travel across the Cook Strait, starting from 2023. With Seachange, you will be able to travel from Wellington to Picton in under 2 hours.

Computer render of the Seachange hydrofoiling ferry

A New Era of Sustainable Travel

A seachange is coming to coastal travel. We believe in a future where the loud, dirty and slow diesel experiences for ferry passengers is a thing of the past. And we’re giving you a better option than a cramped and bumpy flight. Seachange brings a zero-emission option to coastal transit, allowing you and your vehicle to travel in comfort and enjoy a positive, emission-free experience.

At Seachange, we’re transforming ocean transit with electric hydrofoiling ferries for cars and passengers. Thanks to advances in strong, lightweight materials and new battery technology, our zero-emission vessels are able to offer a level of fast, convenient and comfortable ocean transit that’s been impossible until now.

0001 Striking out over the Cook Strait
Striking out over the Cook Strait
0002 Cabin interior
Cabin interior
04Service Speed85km/hr (46 knots)
05Range (Single Trip)200km (110NM)
06Range (Per Day)1000km (550NM)
07Operating LimitSea State 5

A Seachange Is Coming

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the all-electric hydrofoil

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Profile render of the Seachange hydrofoiling ferry

[01] Vehicles 20 vehicle capacity

[02] Advanced Batteries Light and safe

[03] Passengers Up to 200 people

[04] Flight Control Advanced flight control algorithms and experienced captains

[05] Foil Design Advanced foil design for improved speed

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